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Hebrew Learning

Hebrew learning starts in PreK with joyful, socially constructed programming.  Hearing and speaking Hebrew for several years before learning how to read and write mimics natural language acquisition.  Our learners have opportunities to use Hebrew comfortably with peers in a non-pressured environment.  We use Hebrew in ways that help our learners develop a positive association with the language of our people.

Hebrew Through Movement
- Almost entirely immersive Hebrew environment
- Helps learners become comfortable and familiar with the sounds of the language and the meaning of key words
- Kinesthetic, so learners are literally getting Hebrew “into their bones”
- Fun, active curriculum that truly brings Hebrew to life!

Hebrew-rich Tefilah
- Learners are exposed to Hebrew within the natural environment of a prayer service
- With a mix of Hebrew and English melodies, learners get a sense of what the prayers mean and start to make connections with Hebrew vocabulary
- Where appropriate, the Hebrew text can be introduced via a handheld prayer book or a projection on the screen, allowing learners to see the written Hebrew, even if they cannot yet read it

Jewish Life Vocabulary
- Hebrew words and phrases that are good to know as part of our Jewish heritage
- Low-stress learning as Hebrew words and phrases are contextually infused into English sentences (i.e., “Yashar ko-ach for leading that so beautifully!”)
- Integrated into curriculum so that Hebrew becomes a natural part of the learning environment

Hebrew Decoding in our Small Group Hebrew Program*
- Starts in Grade 5 after several years of foundational exposure via hearing and speaking/singing Hebrew
- Process of learning to decode is easier because learners have already ingrained the sounds in their heads (and ears)
- Learners are more motivated to engage with decoding when they have the maturity to have a better sense of its purpose
- Established positive association with the Hebrew language makes the experience of learning to read Hebrew one of enjoyment and success!

*Small Group Hebrew (SGH) is available for students as part of our B Mitzvah Academy for students in Grades 5-7. The goal of SGH is for students to become Shabbat literate.  To better support learning, students study Hebrew with classmates in small groups.  Students are expected to practice at home using the SGH Portal at the direction of their respective teacher.

SGH groups meet on Sunday mornings during Religious School.  Classes are also available on Zoom after school for those who do not participate in our Sunday program or who desire extra class time.   Sign up for a slot HERE.


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