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Rabbi Voss-Altman Sermons


Rosh Hashanah (2019)

Yom Kippur (2019)


Rosh Hashanah (2018) – This past July, I spent most of my free time removing an absolutely enormous hedge from our yard.

Kol Nidre (2018)-Fred Rogers -Kindness in America, in the spring of 1968, when a children’s program, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” debuted on public television, I was seven years old, and much too cool and sophisticated to be caught watching a show whose target audience was small children.


Rosh Hashanah Sermon-Rabbi Howard-Voss Altman (2017)

Rosh Hashanah 5778 Unity and Division in our Nation. In the Fall of 1998, I wrote my rabbinic thesis on Sheol, also known, more famously, as “hell.” …Read more

Kol Nidre Rabbi Sermon-Rabbi Howard-Voss Altman (2017)

Kol Nidre 5778 The Wandering Jew In September 1963, just prior to my third birthday, our family – my parents, my older sister and me – moved from our apartment in Fort Lee, NJ to a house – a split-level with a two-car garage – in Englewood Cliffs, the next town over…Read more


Erev Rosh Hashanah Sermon-Rabbi Howard Voss Altman (2015)

High Holiday Sermon 1 5776 My first apartment in New York City was on the Upper West Side, West 86th Street, just off Central Park West, to be precise. It was a fairly big building, probably 16 stories, and had a rooftop where people could go to sunbathe in the summer heat…Read more

Rosh Hashanah Sermon-Rabbi Howard-Voss Altman (2015)

HHD Sermon Two The Evolution of Temple Beth-El My parents, Allan Altman and Pam Steinhardt, were married in 1953…Read more

Rabbi Mack Sermons


Rosh Hashanah (2019)

Yom Kippur Morning Sermon (2019)


Rosh Hashanah (2018) Bless the Honey, Bless the Sting When a wedding processional and a funeral processional meet at a crossroads, our tradition teaches, the wedding procession has precedence.   

Yom Kippur (2018) In a place where there is no humanity: Be A MenschLast week, I was lucky enough to hear an amazing man speak at Providence College. 


Rosh Hashanah Evening Sermon (2017)

Find the Good-  Shanah Tovah. We greet each other with these words tonight, sharing wishes for a good year. Read more

Yom Kippur Morning Sermon (2017)

From a heart of stone to a heart of flesh- When Sally Lapides, who is with us in the congregation this morning (thank you Sally), sent me an email with a poignant… Read more

Sat, May 30 2020 7 Sivan 5780