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At the Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman Religious School (RLYGRS), we engage innovative principles to connect our students to their Jewish selves, to each other, to our Temple Beth-El community and to Am Yisrael (the people of Israel).  We recognize the value of each individual child and family as an important piece of our communal whole.

We believe in creating an environment where:

Our students are active participants, problem solvers and planners. 
Our teachers are facilitators and guides who foster critical thinking. 
Our parents are our partners
Our community is an extension of the classroom

This is accomplished with methods including but not limited to:

Project Based Learning allows students to gain knowledge and skills by working over an extended period of time investigating and responding to questions and/or challenges.  PBL has been a part of the curriculum for some of our grades for years and we look forward to utilizing this teaching method in more classes in the coming year.

Experiential Education allows our students to combine active learning with concrete experiences like our field trips and all school programs.

Youth Engagement allows our students to be involved in responsible, challenging actions to create positive social change while making decisions that affect themselves and others.

School is offered on Sunday mornings from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm. 

Each week includes Tefilah so that we create community, provide an opportunity to share special events, celebrate student accomplishments, prepare for upcoming Jewish holidays as well as pray and sing together. Sometimes we do this as an entire school. The other weeks, our students will have tefilah in three groups (Lower School, Middle School & Upper School) led by clergy, staff and song leaders.

We introduce our younger learners to Hebrew in a playful and meaningful way using the Hebrew through Movement program which allows for a positive first link to this wonderful language.  The latest research on learning has shown that providing an aural foundation for Hebrew opens the door for decoding and reading as children grow.  We are excited to continue this wonderful program for grades PreK - Grade 4.

We offer Small Group Hebrew (SGH) for students starting in Grade 4 and continuing until a student becomes  b'nei mitzvah.  SGH is offered as one-hour sessions, once a week in small groups at the convenience of the family.  Groups meet on Sundays, or after school during the week at Temple or in congregants homes.  This program has allowed the majority of our students to reach and a significant number to exceed their respective benchmarks.  The small groups have reduced the issues related to classroom management and the flexibility of days and times have allowed for more consistent attendance.  We were also proud that so many of our teachers used technology to help students who missed a class to keep up with their peers.

As our school continues to grow, we look forward to partnering with you on this journey.


Rabbi Sarah Mack, Director of Education
Rachel Mersky Woda,  Director of Youth & Family Engagement

Wed, June 3 2020 11 Sivan 5780