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Congregation Sons of Israel and David Cemetery

401 Reservoir Ave
Providence Rhode Island 02910 USA

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401 Reservoir Ave Providence, Rhode Island

Congregation Sons of Israel and David Cemetery

Our synagogue’s history and evolution can be traced through visits to the cemetery, where you can study the earliest grave markers from the 1850s, walk past mausoleums built in the early 1900s, and note the markers and monuments of the 21st century. A brief summary of how we came to have this cemetery space provides some historical perspective.

On September 10, 1849, approximately one acre of land on the New London Turnpike, now Reservoir Avenue, was conveyed to Solomon Pareira, Leonard Gavitts and Morris Steinberg, to whom the land was assessed at $100. Five years later in 1854 the Congregation Sons of Israel and David was founded.

In 1857, Mr. Pareira, the congregation’s first president, deeded the cemetery land “as and for a cemetery for the burial of the members of said Congregation Sons of Israel and David and no other purpose.” In 1870, a fence along Reservoir Avenue was constructed and that fence still stands today. Since 1870, the cemetery has grown from one acre to more than five, and in the mid-1980s, given growing concerns about space constraints, the area was reconfigured to create 700 new grave sites.

Temple Beth-El sells cemetery plots to our members and their families. We have plots for sale at Congregation Sons of Israel and David Cemetery on Reservoir Avenue in Cranston. We do this as a service to our members and to encourage them to plan ahead as a gift to their loved ones.

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