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We remain available to take your calls during business hours. Monday - Thursday 8AM- 4PM and Friday 8AM - 2PM at 401-331-6070. If you need to pick something up or drop something off at Temple, we ask that you call first so that we can safely accommodate your needs. All staff are working regular hours and checking email and voicemail.

The philosophy of Temple Beth-El is to welcome all Jews and their families as members of our Temple, regardless of their ability to pay annual support.  All members receive the same privileges of membership regardless of their level of annual support. Payment plans and special arrangements are available upon request.

Membership:  Any person of the Jewish faith is eligible for membership.  A non-Jewish spouse or partner shall be considered a member in good standing and welcome to share in the fellowship of our Temple.  Voting privilege and the holding of office in all facets of Temple life, the Board of Trustees, committees and Temple meetings shall be reserved for members of the Temple in good standing. 

Please indicate any special needs you or a family member has so that we may best accommodate you.   If there is any way we can be of assistance, it will be our privilege to do so. We ask that all concerns be written and directed to the Temple office (Judy Moseley, 70 Orchard Ave., Providence, RI  02906 or by email: You may also feel free to call with these concerns, 401-331-6070.   It is our goal to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Our Temple is committed to meeting the varied needs of our members and our community.   We offer not only an opportunity for religious fulfillment, but for the development of social and personal relationships.

We are so happy to welcome you to our Temple Family.

                                     PERSONAL INFORMATION                                     

Please include your name, your father's name & your mother's name
Example: Isaac ben Abraham v'Sarah (ben = son of, bat = daughter of; v = and)

Please include your name, your father's name & your mother's name
Example: Isaac ben Abraham v'Sarah (ben = son of, bat = daughter of; v = and)


All mail will be sent to  your residence unless otherwise requested.

Mailing address (if different)

                                      FAMILY INFORMATION                                     

* Applies to each of your children who reside with you.

1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child

                        YAHRZEIT INFORMATION                           

* A Yahrzeit reminder notice will be sent to you every year.

Please list the names of loved ones for whom you wish Yahrzeit notices sent

                             MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION                              

                        VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES                   

We  welcome our members to become involved in Temple life and activities.
Please check any activities that interest you.  We will be in touch!

                        SUPPORT PLEDGE                   

  • In order to maintain the Temple’s financial strength, TBE asks each household for a basic annual membership support of $2,255. However, any level of support may be considered. New members are eligible for an incremental scaling of support.
  • For those who are able to, please consider joining the Premium Support Program. This program ensures that our Temple can continue to welcome and serve families and individuals who cannot afford basic annual support.
  • School Tuition - Religious School tuition for Pre-school thru Grade 4 and Grades 8 thru 12 is included in support pledge, tuition for Grades 5 thru 7 is $600 for small group hebrew.  No child will ever be turned away because of a financial hardship.
  • Every member, regardless of their level of annual support, is critically important to maintaining the vitality of our Temple community.
  • Please be assured that your pledge is strictly confidential.
  • If you have recurring payments you must renew each year by filling this form out.
  • If you have any questions about your TBE membership support pledge, please contact Judy Moseley, Executive Director at 401-331-6070 or


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