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The tallit (tall-EET) or tallis (TALL-us) is a large rectangular shawl made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. In each of the four corners of the shawl are strings tied in a particular pattern, called tzitzit. The origin of the tzitzit is biblical; the practice is prescribed in chapter 15 of the Book of Numbers. The precept is to put these strings on the four corners of one’s garment — in ancient tradition, with a single strand of blue as well–as a reminder of the duties and obligations of a Jew. Since we no longer wear four-cornered garments, the tallit is worn specifically to fulfill the biblical precept.

In our prayer book Mishkan T'filah, the blessing for wearing a tallit can be found on:
       page 190 in the student copy
       page 72 in the congregant copy

Tallit Blessing



Sat, March 25 2023 3 Nisan 5783