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04/14/2020 11:06:35 AM


Lyndsey Ursillo, K'tantan Coordinator

If you have children between the age of 1 and 4 years old, you know how difficult it is to entertain them for any length of time. And now that we are required to be in our homes with brief periods of going outside when it is finally sunny out, it is even more important to have quick and easy projects to do with them. Since we are in the middle of Passover, I figured I would find a Passover activity to occupy my almost two-year-old son. He is normally not a fan of art projects. However, I found this super simple 10 Plagues of Passover sticker wall activity and a frog footprint art activity and combined the two to create a painted sticker wall with all of the plagues. I especially like this project because it is not always easy to explain the plagues to young children, and this allowed him to see physical representations of all of the plagues. While he might not have understood much of what he was sticking on the paper, I think this would be a great way to start a conversation about the plagues that God sent during Passover with children who are 3 or 4 years old.

This activity takes two days; the first day you do the frog footprints, the next day you put on the stickers.

Frog Footprints

We have a million boxes from Amazon at my house, and I took the brown packing paper out of one of them to use as the material for the frog footprints/sticker wall. I taped it to the ground with paintersā€™ tape but you can use any tape you want. Then I found a frog footprint template online, printed it and cut it out of cardboard from one of the above-mentioned Amazon boxes. I stuck a toilet paper roll to the back of it as a handle to stamp out the frog footprints, but my son ended up taking it off and just using the footprint by itself. Dip the footprint into green paint and let your child go wild stamping the paper with it.

10 Plagues Stickers

For the plague stickers, I printed the different animals and bugs on labels that I had at my house. I also colored some small labels black to represent the plague of Darkness, cut out white circles for Hail, used orangey red circle dot labels for Boils, and band-aids for the Blood plague. The plague of Frogs is already on the paper from the earlier activity. Give your child all of the stickers and other items and have him/her put them on the paper wherever he/she would like.

My son ended up enjoying both parts of creating the 10 Plagues wall after some coaxing by myself and my husband and it is now hanging up in our living room!

Lyndsey šŸ˜Š

Fri, June 5 2020 13 Sivan 5780