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05/08/2020 12:36:42 PM


Lyndsey Ursillo, K'tantan Coordinator

Lag B’Omer is right around the corner and since we cannot be with friends and family to celebrate with some of the usual ways like having a bonfire, taking a hike, or having a parade, I thought I would share an activity you can do this year. Here is a PJ Library scavenger hunt that is based on the story of Creation. You can try finding all the things on the list in your backyard or in your neighborhood. Better yet, challenge a friend or family member to do the scavenger hunt as well. You can do it at the same time as them via Zoom or FaceTime, or do it at different times and then share by taking a photo of each “day” challenge to prove you completed it and see who came up with the most creative answers! Feel free to share your results with TBE as well 😊 If you want to continue the fun, the scavenger hunt was created with Microsoft Word so you can edit it and come up with new things to find after doing the original one.

Lag B'Omer Scavenger Hunt

05/08/2020 12:31:28 PM


Nitza Attali, 2nd Grade Teacher

Shalom to all our students and families,

The school year is ending, but as I told you throughout the school year, the Jewish people are very lucky. We have sixteen holidays! Two more fun ones are coming! One is Lag B’Omer, May 11th at night through May 12th and then there is Shavuot on May 28th at night through May 29th.

We are sending you some reading material and activities for both of these holidays. The Shavuot information includes some delicious recipes for Blintzes and Cheesecake.

Make it and eat it… Yum yum yum!

Enjoy, from Nitza and Beth-El Faculty

Lag B'Omer & Shavuot

05/05/2020 12:17:56 PM


Rachel Mersky Woda, Director of Youth & Family Education

Missing all of you and hope you are home safe and healthy!  Here's another way to count the Omer (not to mention help us all keep track of what day it is!)

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04/30/2020 12:04:23 PM


Hannah Bashkow, Art Specialist

Hi everyone!  Wanted to share a great Challah recipe.  It comes from a family friend and member of my Congregation Beth Israel here in Charlottesville, VA. When I was little, she invited my mom over and taught her how to make Challah, and our family has used her recipe ever since. I've eaten and made many other Challahs, but this is definitely the best.   Shabbat Shalom and Stay Safe & Healthy!


Phyllis Lefflers Challah Recipe

04/29/2020 09:46:56 AM


Nitza Attali, 2nd Grade Teacher

Happy Israel Independence Day!  Today, we celebrate the 72nd birthday of the modern state of Israel!  Here is a fun booklet to color and another one about Derech Eretz to remind us how to be kind and courteous during these difficult times.  Stay healthy!

Yom HaAtzmaut Coloring Book

Derech Eretz Workbook

04/29/2020 09:45:51 AM


Rachel Sklar, PreK Teacher

Shakshuka is my favorite food to eat in Israel, so I thought I would share a recipe with you in honor of Yom Haatzmaut, Israel's birthday. When I am there, I sometimes eat it twice a day. It is a yummy breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Feel free to adjust the vegetables and spices to your family's preferences. Pair with some bread or pita and enjoy! Here's a recipe from Kids Cook Monday that has suggestions for how parents and children can work together to cook it.

04/21/2020 10:09:13 AM


Batia Friedman-Shaw, 6th Grade & Yoga Chug Teacher

Move your body and practice your Hebrew letters at the same time!


04/21/2020 10:04:05 AM


Amy Gaddes, First Grade Teacher

Here's a story for you called You and Me Together: Moms, Dads and Kids Around the World by Barbara Kerley.

Hope you are all well!  We miss you!


04/15/2020 12:09:04 PM


Rabbi Gavi Ruit, 4th Grade Teacher

Our 4th graders have spent this year learning about how we mark time as sacred in Judaism.  Before we began sheltering in place, our class learned about many of our holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Purim, and Shabbat) and life cycle events (Brit Milah/Baby Naming, Conversion, Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Confirmation, and Weddings) with a special emphasis on how we make these moments special and holy.  

To help your children mark this unusual time in a meaningful way, I invite your children to complete the attached Covid-19 Time Capsule.  It will give them the opportunity to be artistic, express their feelings, and to connect with others.  It will also give them a tangible marker for this unusual experience that they can keep for the future.  Please also consider sending a copy to Rachel and Rabbi Mack to story at TBE (once we are allowed back there) so that we can "unearth" them in the students' Bar/Bat Mitzvah year.

Stay safe and healty!

Rabbi Gavi Ruit

2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule Workbook

04/14/2020 11:06:35 AM


Lyndsey Ursillo, K'tantan Coordinator

If you have children between the age of 1 and 4 years old, you know how difficult it is to entertain them for any length of time. And now that we are required to be in our homes with brief periods of going outside when it is finally sunny out, it is even more important to have quick and easy projects to do with them. Since we are in the middle of Passover, I figured I would find a Passover activity to occupy my almost two-year-old son. He is normally not a fan of art projects. However, I found this super simple 10 Plagues of Passover sticker wall activity and a frog footprint art activity and combined the two to create a painted sticker wall with all of the plagues. I especially like this project because it is not always easy to explain the plagues to young children, and this allowed him to see physical representations of all of the plagues. While he might not have understood much of what he was sticking on the paper, I think this would be a great way to start a conversation about the plagues that God sent during Passover with children who are 3 or 4 years old.

This activity takes two days; the first day you do the frog footprints, the next day you put on the stickers.

Frog Footprints

We have a million boxes from Amazon at my house, and I took the brown packing paper out of one of them to use as the material for the frog footprints/sticker wall. I taped it to the ground with painters’ tape but you can use any tape you want. Then I found a frog footprint template online, printed it and cut it out of cardboard from one of the above-mentioned Amazon boxes. I stuck a toilet paper roll to the back of it as a handle to stamp out the frog footprints, but my son ended up taking it off and just using the footprint by itself. Dip the footprint into green paint and let your child go wild stamping the paper with it.

10 Plagues Stickers

For the plague stickers, I printed the different animals and bugs on labels that I had at my house. I also colored some small labels black to represent the plague of Darkness, cut out white circles for Hail, used orangey red circle dot labels for Boils, and band-aids for the Blood plague. The plague of Frogs is already on the paper from the earlier activity. Give your child all of the stickers and other items and have him/her put them on the paper wherever he/she would like.

My son ended up enjoying both parts of creating the 10 Plagues wall after some coaxing by myself and my husband and it is now hanging up in our living room!

Lyndsey 😊

04/14/2020 09:39:54 AM


Wendy Joering, Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

04/14/2020 09:37:44 AM


Terri Finkelstein, Cooking Chug Teacher

04/11/2020 02:00:11 PM


Eingel Cuadrado, 2nd Grade Teacher

Shabbat Shalom everyone!  Here is a link to a great website with lots of fun ideas for activities and hands-on Jewish projects to do with kids.  Take a look at this one that can help you make your own Havdalah candle using Chanukah candles!  Hard to believe another week has gone by that it is time for Havdalah again!  Stay safe and healthy!


04/11/2020 01:43:21 PM


Lyndsey Ursillo, K'tantan Coordinator

The Youth and Family department at the Jewish Alliance (J-Space/ECC/PJ Library) holding a virtual challenge throughout Passover for building matzah houses.  Prizes will be awareded to three lucky kids based on most creative, most colorful and tallest ones.

Families just need to take a picture and either post it on Facebook in our respective FB groups or email it to me at

All are welcome to participate!

04/11/2020 01:41:26 PM


Rabbi Sarah Mack

Thanks to our friends at Rock-a-Baby, two puppets, Rhythm and Toti, explore the challenges of holding a Passover Seder during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

04/06/2020 09:59:43 AM


Rachel Mersky Woda, Director of Youth & Family Engagement

Here's a great idea for a mitzvah project...

Rhode Island Hospital is looking for volunteers who could make homemade cards for patients and hospital staff.  As you are probably aware, patients cannot receive visitors at this time and many are very lonely and frankly bored.  Hospital staff, on the front line, are making tremendous sacrifices for the health and safety of all of us.  Many of them are working long hours and are unable to see their families as well. So gather some paper, markers and crayons and make some uplifting cards to say Hello, Thinking of You or simply Thank You! 

A list of supplies and suggestions can be found here – cards should not include any personal information or religious comments.  Please do not include messages such as “Get well” or “Feel better” as many patients suffer from medical conditions that are chronic, life-long, progressive and/or terminal.  

Cards can be mailed to:

Adrianne Walsh
Volunteer Services
Rhode Island Hospital
593 Eddy St.
Providence, RI  02903

Should you have any questions, please contact Adrianne Walsh at or401-444-8635.

You can also send cards to health care workers in the Emergency Department at the Milford Regional Medical Center (where my husband Craig works as a Pediatric ER hospitalist).  They would really appreciate our support during this time.

Milford Regional Medical Center
Emergency Department
c/o Jeffrey Hopkins
14 Prospect Street
Milford, MA 01757

04/06/2020 09:10:27 AM


Eingel Cuadrado, 2nd Grade Teacher

With Passover starting this week, I wanted to share music from one my favorite movies that has also been adapted for the stage and opened in London's West End this past February.  The movie is streaming on Hulu and is a great way to get into the spirit of Passover and share the story of our people.

Here is my favorite song from the show. 

Stay home and healthy!



04/01/2020 11:07:47 AM


Nitza Attali, 2nd Grade Teacher

I hope you are all healthy and safe at home.  We want you to know that we love and miss all of you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.  

In our continued effort to educate remotely, I wanted you to have something that I shared with my 2nd Grade class.  Our hope was to do this together at school, but now you can do it at home!

Chag Sameach!

Nitza Attali

03/31/2020 05:08:34 PM


Or Cohen, RI Israeli Emissary

Shalom Chaverim!  

Check out this fun virtual escape room that I created with the former Israeli Emissary, Tslil Reichman!  Just click on the picture to begin the game!




03/24/2020 09:42:35 AM


Rabbi Sarah Mack

How many activities can you do?

Hi everyone!  We hope you are all finding ways to keep busy during your time at home. 

There are so many great things we can do to be helpful and kind while learning a little bit about Jewish values and customs.  Here are some ideas to help you out! 

Download and print off this bingo sheet.  Once you have done five things on this page, share them with me!  Take pictures and write me an email about your efforts and I will share it with the congregation on social media!  

Stay healthy and have fun!

~Rabbi Mack

03/21/2020 05:24:49 PM


Rachel Mersky Woda, Director of Youth & Family Engagement

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce you to She'elah Katanah*.  She is the newest member of our RLYGRS family.  While her big sister She'elah the Llama* is keeping an eye on our classrooms at Temple,  She'elah Katanah is at home with me and wants to remind us to keep asking questions, even when we can't be together on Sunday mornings, during Shabbat and holidays and other fun events at TBE.  

Right now She'elah Katanah is getting ready for Havdalah with the help of our friends from PJ Library.   Havdalah symbolizes the “return to work” from the celebration of Shabbat and involves blessings of thanks over wine, spices, and a braided candle. Want to learn more? Visit the PJ Library Havdalah page  for videos, books, and additional craft and recipe ideas.

We wish you a happy and healthy Shavua Tov (good week)!


*"She'elah Katanah" means "little question" in Hebrew and "llama" is the Hebrew word for "why" ;)

Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780