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Shofar for Hope                  Tues., Sept. 15, 4:00 PM
Selichot                            Sat., Sept. 12, 7:00 PM
Rosh Hashanah Evening Fri., Sept. 18, 5:45 PM


Rosh Hashanah Morning
Sat., Sept. 19, 10:00 AM
Rosh Hashanah Meet and Greet Directly After Morning Service
Sat., Sept. 19
Rosh Hashanah Children’s Service
Sat., Sept. 19, 2:00 PM 
Sat., Sept. 19
Second Day Rosh Hashanah
Sun., Sept. 20, 10:30 AM
Cemetery Pilgrimage Memorial Service
Sun., Sept. 27, 11:00 AM     Click here for details
Kol Nidre
Sun., Sept. 27, 8:00 PM
Yom Kippur Morning Service
Mon., Sept. 28, 10:00 AM          
Musical Interlude: Following Morning Service
Yom Kippur Afternoon Service
Mon., Sept. 28, 12:30 PM    Click here for details
Yom Kippur Children’s Service                            Mon., Sept. 28, 2:00 PM
Yom Kippur Study with Rabbi Gavi Ruit
Mon., Sept. 28, 3:00 PM      Click for details
                Yizkor/Concluding/Neilah/Havdalah Service                         Mon., Sept. 28, 4:30PM
Preparing to be Transformed - High Holy Days Preparation
Th., Aug. 27, Sept. 3, 10 & 17, 4:00 PM                        Click here for details
Rabbi Debra Robbins - Author of Opening Your Heart with Psalm 27
Mon., Sept. 14, 7:00 PM  Click here for details
Kabbalat/K'tantan Sukkot Service
Fri., Oct. 2nd, 5:30 PM
Simchat Torah/Consecration Service &
New Member Welcome with Alan Goodis - Shabbat and Musical Simchat Torah
Fri., October 9th, 5:45 PM




Zoom needs a password

*There are three ways to receive the Zoom passwords

1. Check your TBE Live Email

2. Email us at

3. Call 401-331-6070



As we approach a High Holy Days season that is physically distant, but spiritually connected, there are a number of options for securing copies of Mishkan HaNefesh, our High Holy Days prayerbook, for your home:

1. You may purchase your own copy of Mishkan HaNefesh from Temple Beth-El for a cost of $40. Copies may be picked up at Temple.

2.  A free digital version is available online click here. To use this during our holiday worship, it will be helpful to have a second device such as an iPad.

3. Kindle editions of both the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur volumes are available for a cost of 9.99 each: click here.

4. We will check out our own copies of Mishkan HaNefesh to those who would like to borrow them for the holidays. To purchase or check out hard copies of Mishkah HaNefesh, please contact Jenn Thomas in the main office.

For your convenience we will have second day of Rosh Hashanah Service, Psalm 27 and Book of Memory available for you. We will also be mailing a copy of the Book of Memory to all who inscribe.



Pandemic or not, our responsibility for tikkun olam continues. Our congregants and the staff of Temple Beth-El may be experiencing a world turned upside down, but have not forgotten that many in our community are having a particularly hard time meeting their families’ basic needs.

This year the list of requests from our 16 recipient agencies is short, but the need is great. Cash donations are welcome as they enable agencies to provide for their clients’ most urgent needs. Many organizations cannot accept donations of food during the pandemic, but they may purchase it for 10 cents a pound from the RI Community Food Bank, “stretching” your gift.  Click here to donate.

Other requests are for bottled water, cleaning supplies (anti-bacterial wipes, gloves, paper towels), baby wipes and diapers (esp. sizes 2-6), and the following items only: tuna, peanut butter, rice, beans, pasta, instant potatoes, cereal, individually-packaged snacks and breakfast foods, and Kosher foods.

Containers will be placed outside the rear entrance of the Temple during the High Holy Days. Please sort your donated items into the appropriate labeled container. A few Social Action/Social Justice volunteers, observing COVID-19 precautions, will prepare selections later for recipient agencies to pick up. Your participation and generosity is greatly appreciated during this challenging time!



You are invited to our beautiful Fain Sanctuary to pass before the open ark in meditation and prayer between the hours of 3-5 PM on September 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26. We ask that you observe our safety protocols of masking, distancing and signing in.

May the beauty and comfort of our sacred space bring inspiration and solace as we pray for all good things in 5781.



What Is Live Streaming?

Put simply, live streaming is broadcasting in real-time to an online destination.  You can go live for a small, private group, or a huge public audience – there are no limits to viewers.

Typically, the live stream is organized by one person who serves as the host or director: Inviting guests to participate, screen sharing, playing prepared video.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is video conferencing. It is a private digital gathering.

Platforms like Zoom allow people to tune in with a Grid view (where they see the faces of every member of the conference) or with a Speaker view (where the current person talking fills the screen).

What’s similar between Zoom and Live Streaming?

Zoom and live streaming are both live! Both can feature pre-taped elements, but the thrust of the event is live, rather than a video simply uploaded to a social media channel.

The difference between Zoom and Live Streaming: Control

A Zoom call is instantly recognizable. We’re used to seeing the tiled layout of participants but there’s little room to make it your own or craft the best viewing experience for your audience.

Comparatively, live streaming allows for complete control over what your audience sees on the stream. This includes highlighting guests with the right amount of screen real estate, placing logos and brand elements on screen, adding text elements that strengthen your message, and featuring sponsors.

Another major difference between the two is the role of the audience. On a Zoom, EVERYONE is a participant. Even with a great host, the audience is left to pilot their own experience instead of relaxing and enjoying the show. On the other hand, similar to an evening talk show or news broadcast, live streamers lead the experience and choose all aspects of guest appearances (who they are, when they come in during the show, where they go on the screen, how many of them there are, etc.)

Zoom needs a password

Lastly, for security Zoom needs a password!

*There are three ways to receive the Zoom passwords

1. Check your TBE Live Email

2. Email us at

3. Call 401-331-6070



We want you to experience the High Holy Days the best you can. Here are some tips to connecting to your TVs. Here is a great video to help you:  or
What do I need to physically connect my laptop to my flat-screen TV?
All flat-screen TVs offer at least one HDMI port, as do practically all non-Apple laptops that have been manufactured in the last eight years. HDMI is just about the best solution at the moment, as it supports both audio and video (HD and beyond). All you need, therefore, is an HDMI cable to connect the two.

  1.  Connect your HDMI cable to your TV and your laptop
  2.  Right click on your display
  3.  Go to multiple display
  4.  Choose duplicate display. This should now show your desktop on your TV. Some TVs will detect it automatically.


Below are general instructions to help you stream what you see on your smart phone, computer or tablet onto your TV screen.
Note: Each smart TV/ streaming device/personal device combination may be slighly different.

  1.  Turn on your smart TV (or your TV and streaming device, if you have Roku/Fire device)
  2.  Select the input type (smart TV) or app (streaming device) that allows you to stream from a smart phone, computer or tablet. Depending on brand, it can be called casting, mirroring, AirPlay, etc.
  3.  Ensure that your smart phone, computer or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi (wireless) network to which your smart TV/streaming device is connected.
  4.  Open TBE’s Shabbat Service on our website (Facebook or StreamSpot) on your smart phone, computer or tablet. Begin playing the livestream.
  5.  Depending on your device, you may already be seeing some controls. If not, you may need to tap/click on your device’s screen to see them. Locate and click on the “Cast” button.
  6.  If prompted with options, select the smart TV/streaming device to which you wish to stream. At that point, your TV screen should be showing what you see on your device!


If you are having trouble, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at 401-331-6070 and a tech-savvy TBE volunteer will arrange a time to walk through the process with you.

What to Expect When You are Expecting the High Holy Days to be Digital

Sat, September 26 2020 8 Tishrei 5781