Friday, July 20, 2018

We view Bar/Bat Mitzvah one important milestone on a lifelong Jewish journey.  Because of that, we are very proud of our high retention rate of post-b'nei mitzvah students.  Students explore Jewish ethics and values while exploring what it means to be a modern Reform Jew.  Students who complete 10th Grade become Confirmed at the end of the year of study with the Rabbi.  

We want our students to ask big questions and feel comfortable navigating their identity in a complex world.  Our program includes experiential educational programming, exciting field trips and youth group events.  

We are excited to pilot a new program in 2017-18 in partnership with Moving Traditions, an organization that promotes self-discovery, challenges traditional gender roles, and celebrates a diverstiy of voices to enable teens to grow in to healthy, connected Jewish adults.  8th Grade students will have the opportunity to meet monthly with trained adult facilitators to experience the signature programs, "Rosh Hodesh: It's a Girl Thing" and "Shevet Achim: The Brotherhood" which will provide a space for them to feel safe, articulate concerns, consider the impact of gender on their daily life, have fun and be honest with their peers.