Monday, July 16, 2018

 RLYGRS Curriculum Tree


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Tonya Glantz

Jordan Angelo

Being Jewish

Doing Jewish 

Jewish values

Our PreK students will spend the year learning about Jewish values including but not limited to honoring our parents, caring for those in need, being a good guest, kindness to one another and kindness to animals. Together they will experience these values through art, music, stories, interactive play, field trips and special visitors.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement




Lily Nieto

Jewish Identity

In Kindergarten, students will explore the question “What makes me Jewish?”.  They will start by learning about their Hebrew name and go on to what things in their daily lives connect them to their Judaism.  Interactive play, art, music, stories and field trips will help them on this journey.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement




Karen Wargo

Sacred Spaces & objects

First-grade students will explore the places and objects that are sacred to the Jewish people.  Together, they will explore the synagogue including the sanctuary, bimah, ark, Torah scrolls, siddurim and chumashim (prayer books and bibles).


They will also learn about the tallit (prayer shawl), tefillin (phylacteries), and kippot (head coverings) along with the other tangible objects we use on Shabbat and holidays including but not limited to candlesticks, Kiddush cups, etc.  Students will also explore what makes a space sacred and how we can create them for ourselves and others.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement


Our Torah

Family Tree

Bible Stories:

Creation to Sinai

Second grade students will explore our collective Jewish ancestry using the text from the Torah starting with the Creation story up through Sinai. Using multiple lenses of text study including but not limited to drama, art, and stories, students will have a better understanding of our narrative and its meaning in their lives.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement




Nitza Attali

Bible Stories:

Sinai to the Promised Land

Third grade students will explore our collective Jewish ancestry using the text from the Torah starting with Sinai and up to the Promised Land. Together they will navigate the relationship between God and the Jewish people and learn how to create holiness in our daily lives using the Jewish calendar as a guide. During the spring, students will lead the congregation in Kabbalat Shabbat services as they receive their own siddur (prayerbook) during our Kabbalat Siddur ceremony.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement, Small Group Hebrew




Maurisa Golberg

Maia Rosenfeld

Jewish Peoplehood

Creating Sacred Moments

The lifecycle of a Jewish person includes ritual and tradition which our fourth-grade students will learn about through field trips, art, music and stories.  Together, they will also discover how to make important moments in their personal lives sacred using Jewish tradition.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement, Small Group Hebrew




Ryan Forman

Dale Weber

American Jewish History

Our fifth-grade students will explore American Jewish history particularly focusing on the immigrant experience and the evolution of the Reform Jewish movement in America and particularly this history of Temple Beth-El.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement, Small Group Hebrew




Bob Oster

Tslil Reichman

Am Yisrael / Eretz Yisrael

Sixth graders will focus on Israel: the people, the land, and the contributions Israel has made to the world.  There will be a particular focus on the role the Holocaust and anti-Semitism played in the creation of the Jewish State and how it has affected progressive Judaism worldwide.


HEBREW: Hebrew through Movement, Small Group Hebrew




Sienna Lotenberg

Rabbi Sarah Mack

What is my place

in the world?

What are my responsibilities
as a Jewish adult?

What does it mean a Jewish adult?  As our seventh-grade students prepare to become b’nei mitzvah, they will learn about #jewishadulting including, mitzvot, Tikkun Olam and our prophetic tradition, values and how to be a mensch.  They will lead our younger students in prayer to enhance their preparation for leading the congregation on the day of their b’nei mitzvah.


HEBREW:  leading grades 3-6 in weekly Tefilah


World Religions

What can we learn from other faith communities that will help strengthen our Jewish identity as well as build bridges with our neighbors.


HEBREW:  leading grades PreK-2 in weekly Tefilah




Brian Franklin

Ethical Dilemmas

& Current Events

Our ninth graders engage in a seminar on hot topics and current events through the eyes of Jewish teens.


HEBREW:  leading grades PreK-2 in weekly Tefilah




Rabbi Howard


Who am I as a Reform Jew?

Our tenth graders engage in a year of reflection on their Jewish education and confirm their commitment to the Jewish people and the Reform Jewish movement.


HEBREW:  leading grades PreK-2 in weekly Tefilah



Students in grades 11 and 12 have the opportunity to learn leadership development skills as teachers’ aides in the classroom or as support staff of the school.  They have ongoing training in addition to on the job training throughout the year.


HEBREW:  leading grades PreK-2 in weekly Tefilah