Monday, February 26, 2018
Benefactors Committee:
Chair: Rabbi Voss-Altman
  • Benefactors provide funding for programming events and special celebrations.
  • Highlights of the yer include funding for High Holiday music and the Purim celebration.

Beth-Elders Committee:
Judy Moseley & Rabbi Mack
  • Beth Elders is a group designed to engage our growing number of older members of our congregation.
  • A steering committee plans Shabbat Dinners, learn with lunch, and day trips to concerts and museums.

Brotherhood Committee:
President Andy Lamchick
  • The Temple Beth-El Brotherhood, an affiliate of the Men of Reform Judaism, is an organization whose mission is to serve congregation and community.
  • The Brotherhood welcomes men of al ages to participate in performing mitzvot by supporting our congregation with religious. social action, educational, and social activities.
  • They work together, support each other, and form a community of men in accordance with traditions and values of Reform Judaism.
  • Furthermore, they offer many opportunities for men to participate in and contribute to our congregation to ensure the continued growth and strength of Reform Judaism.

Budget and Finance Committee:
Chair Dean Weinberg
The duties of the Finance Committee shall include the following:
  • Preparation of a proposed annual budget of the Congregation.
  • Preparation of recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the committees for income generation, including the annual schedule for membership support.
  • Recommendations and advice to the Board of Trustee for the retention of independent expertise in the performance of an annual audit or review of the Congregation's financial position.
  • Overseeing the Congregation's income and expenses on an ongoing basis for compliance with the budget approved by the Congregation, including the submission of monthly and annual financial reports to the Board of Trustees.
  • Recommending to the Board of Trustees adjustments to membership support requirements for certain membership units when the Committee determines that such adjustments are necessary and appropriate.

Building and Grounds Committee:
Chair Ken Orenstein
The duties of the Building and Grounds Committee shall include the following:
  • Oversight of maintenance of all property and equipment.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a Temple and Cemetery asset log to allow for planned and orderly replacement of the Congregation’s physical assets.
  • Preparation of the annual facilities operating and capital budget, including replacement reserves, for submission to the Budget and Finance Committee.
  • Recommendations for approval of the acquisition of capital assets and the award of major service and repair contracts consistent with projects and activities approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Recommend to the Executive Committee personnel necessary to operate and maintain Temple physical assets and other physical assets of Congregation.
  • Recommend to the Board of Trustees fees and policies for facilities rental and use.
  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of the Cemetery in conformance with the rules and regulations governing burial in the Congregation’s Cemetery, and suggest when appropriate changes or amendments to such rules and regulations.

Bylaws and Legal Affairs Committee:
Chair: David Rubin, Michael Prescott
The duties of the Bylaws and Legal Affairs Committee shall include:
  • When requested by the President or the Board of Trustees, interpretation of the Bylaws.
  • When requested by the President, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees provides guidance on the legal affairs of the Congregation.

Cemetery Committee:
Chair Ken Orenstein
  • The Temple Beth-El Cemetery Committee consists of lay members of our congregation who have volunteered to take responsibility for overseeing the cemetery, including its finances and the availability of gravesites.

College Outreach Committee:
Chair Judy Moseley
  • College Outreach serves as a connection between young college adults and their home congregation, Temple Beth-El.
  • The goal is to provide one more component in a combined effort to help our children maintain their Jewish identity.
  • Gifts are sent to ur college students at Hanukkah and Passover.

Communication Committee:
Chair Gail Solomon
The duties of the Communications Committee shall include:
  • Recommend communications strategies and implementation plans for the Congregation to help fulfill its mission.
  • Preparation and submission annually to the Budget and Finance Committee of the Congregation’s communication budget and monitoring of expenses against the approved budget.

Daily Minyan Committee:
Chair Lynn Rakatansky
  • Working closely with the rabbi, this group ensures the sustained viability of TBEs’ daily minyan.
  • Not only do they coordinate and run the minyanim, they also recruit other members to share in this communal responsibility.

Eight to the Table Committee:
  • 8 to the Table was initiated at Temple Beth-El as an “in reach” program aimed at introducing Temple members to other members in their neighborhood and to provide a vehicle for Temple members joining together to share a meaningful social experience.
  • Groups meet for a Havdalah service on a Saturday evening, Sunday brunch, etc. or dining/meeting in a home -- some "8" groups dine in a restaurant from time to time.

Fine Arts Committee:
Chair: Kenneth Rickler
  • A Subcommittee of Buildings and Grounds this committee exercises oversight over any significant architectural, design or decoration changes to the Temple building or grounds.
  • It is also responsible for accepting or purchasing additional art to enhance the beauty of TBE.

Hineinu (Caring) Committee:
Chairs Sherry Cohen, Dottie Lampal
The Hineinu Committee's responsibilities relate to the needs of caring for members of the Congregation. The duties of the Hineinu Committee shall include the following:
  • In consultation with the Clergy and staff, the identified needs of the members.
  • Development of recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding annual transfers from endowment funds to the Congregation's operating budget.

Investment Committee:
Chair Jeffrey Brown
The duties of the Investment Committee shall include:
  • Retention and supervision of financial experts, advisors and/or managers to invest the funds of the Congregation in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Monitoring of the performance of the financial experts and/or managers to ensure that the Congregation’s funds are invested wisely.
  • Submission to the Board of Trustees of quarterly reports on the status of investing funds.

K'Tantan Committee:
Staff Joie Magnone
  • K’TanTan provides families with children under age five with an introduction to Judaism in a fun and welcoming environment.
  • The committee helps with the coordination of on of once a month Friday K'Tantan.
  • Shabbat that is followed by informal light dinners, the Havdalah workshop, Sukkot decorating, Hanukkah and Purim celebration and more.
  • As K'Tantan welcomes non-temple member, it has become a wonderful outreach program.

Leadership Development Committee:
Chair: Fred Franklin
Co-Chair John Catania
  • The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for Board leadership training and education, including programs for the orientation of new Board members.
  • The Leadership Development Committee assists each of the other committees of the congregation in their development of their respective committee members.

Library Committee:
Chair: George Goodwin, Librarian: Joanna Katsune
  • Preparation and submission annually to the Budget and Finance Committee of the Library budget and the monitoring of Library expenses.
  • Recommend policies relating to the promotion of the use of the Library, its management and the relationship of the Libray to their libraries.
  • Overseeing additions to and deletions from the library's including periodicals.

Lifelong Learning Committee:
Chair Rabbi Sarah Mack
The goal of the Lifelong Committee is to support the Congregation's adult education goal. The duties of the Lifelong Learning Committee shall include:
  • Develop educational programs for adult members.
  • Develop programs for members who no longer have current students of the religious school in their family and who are looking to experience Jewish learning opportunities.
  • Develop programs for educating and reaching out to interfaith families and non-members.
  • Supervise the recruitment, evaluation, and retention of a highly qualified adult educational staff, if any, and volunteers.

Legacy and Resource Development Committee
Chair: Michael Chazan
The duties of the Legacy and Resource Development Committee shall include:
  • Recommending programs and policies to enhance the long-term financial foundation and endowments of the Congregation.
  • Create giving and fundraising opportunities for members and work with and oversee staff efforts related to fundraising.

Membership and Outreach Committee:
Chair: Tara Demyan & Michelle Miller
The duties of the Membership and Outreach Committee shall include:
  • Recruitment of new members, introducing new members to the Congregation and the Congregation to them and recommending practices to enhance the attraction and integration of new member into this.
  • The committee shall develop and expand new and existing programs to attract members from diverse constituencies including but not limited to singles, young families, same-sex partners, interfaith families, seniors.
  • Retention of existing members.


Sisterhood Committee 
Presidents: Elaine Sandy
  • Sisterhood is the organization of women from our Congregation who come together in friendship to benefit our Temple, the Jewish community and beyond.
  • Sisterhood is the collective presence, voice, and strength of women within the structure of our Congregation. It provides the setting in which its members meet and work together to foster and further the highest ideals of Judaism.

Social Action Committee
Chair: TBD
Helping people in need, regardless of race, religion, or nationality and addressing the underlying causes of social inequities are primary concerns of the Congregation. The duties of the Social Action Committee shall include the following:
  • Identification of special needs and their underlying causes within the Rhode Island community and beyond which can be served by the efforts of the Congregation.
  • Recommend and organize programs to address identified needs.

Usher Committee
Chair: Ellis Waldman
  • The role of TBE’s users is to greet congregants and guests, answer their questions and maintain the solemnity of the service.
  • Users accomplish this by welcoming worshipers, helping them find their place in the prayer book, and by directing those unfamiliar with the Temple building to seats, restrooms, exits and other necessary locations.
  • Being an usher at Temple Beth-El is an important position.

Worship Practices
Chair: Rochelle Rosen
The duties of the Worship Practices Committee shall include:
  • In consultation with the Clergy, recommend to the Board of Trustees policies of the Congregation relating to worship services and related activities.

Youth & Family Education Committee:
Chairs: Terri Finkelstein- New
The goals and duties of the Youth and Family Education Committee shall include:
  • Overseeing the Congregation’s religious school, including the development and implementation of curricula to provide a strong and meaningful Jewish education to its students.
  • Developing educational family programs for holidays and Shabbat.
  • Oversee K’Tantan and related programs for families with young children.
  • Develop and oversee youth group programs, recruit and train youth group advisors, oversee youth group advisors and coordinate youth groups within the Congregation.
  • Supervise the recruitment, evaluation, and retention of highly qualified educational staff and volunteers for the religious school and youth programs.
  • Prepare annual budget requests for submission to the Budget and Finance Committees with respect to the religious school and youth programs and monitor the expenditures against the budget(s) approved by the Board of Trustees.